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The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Infographic in Celebration of Release Day

To celebrate the official launch of The Elder Scrolls Online this Friday, Zenimax Online has released an infographic that lists fun facts about the game and the time spent in its creation.

  • Over 5 million people registered for the beta which Zenimax compared to the Population of Norway and the number of Big Macs eaten daily in the world
  • Not everyone could get into the beta so they tried bribing their way in. Two of the most weirdest offer(s) for a beta key was a First Born Child and a Left Arm. I can understand the First Born, Bethesda had offered to provide a free copy of every game they will release in the future to anyone who named their child Dovahkiin, and someone did.
  • Zenimax boasted that players can make 5.0952187 x 10[58] character variations in the game.
  • There are 61 million items in the game, equal to the population of United Kingdom.
  • Elder Scrolls Online has 40,656,000 different weapon variations in the game.
  • About 10,202 NPCs in the game which Zenimax says will take 15 years for a person to meet so many people in his life.
  • 2235 Books in the game amounting to 480,000 words which would take 32 hours to read.
  • It would take 119,050 kills to reach level 50.
  • Zenimax’ Online Studios International Circle building has 8.13 miles of cable which equals to 40 Eiffel Towers and 143 Soccer Pitches.
  • Since May 2011, Zenimax’ Online Team has consumed 168,784 cups of coffee enough to fill 272 bathtubs, or 5087 pounds of coffee beans, which weigh as much as 5 polar bears or 360 spider monkeys.

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