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Death in Candlewood Announced By Former Silent Hill and Witcher Devs

Death in Candlewood is an open-world psychological FPS from Rosebud Games, an indie studio based in Barcelona, Spain; one which comprises of veteran developers who previously have worked on franchises like Silent Hill, F.E.A.R. and The Witcher.

The studio’s first project is an open-world horror game set in 1940s England. BioShock’s lead level designer Jay Kyburz describes it as a “love story between the living and the dead.”

As Dr. Ray Dune, players begin the game by setting out in search of your adopted son Rizzo, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Unfortunately for Dune, he’ll soon encounter all manner of inhuman assailants following the death of his psychiatrist mentor.

The whole game spans a single night in the life of Ray Dune, where players will be navigating the spooky Candlewood Mountains and staying clear of everything that goes bump in the night.

In total there is roughly over six square kilometers of town of Candlewood. It’s though unsure if the developers plan to expand it in time. Wandering around the town, players will have the option to drive vehicles, swim through rivers and explore over 1000 buildings.

According to Rosebud, the game has been in development since 2011 but now needs additional funding to be completed. The game’s Kickstarter page is asking for $60,000 in crowd-funding, of which it has so far gotten $2500. The campaign expires in 28 days.

Backing the project now will ensure you a digital copy of Death in Candlewood on PC for $15. Once the number of backers cross 1000, the game’s price will be hiked to $20.

Death in Candlewood is looking at a release date in April 2015.

Source: Kickstarter