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Cloud Can Help Xbox One Succeed Where High-End PCs Fail

The ultimate test of any gaming rig is the stability of the frame-rates when more graphics are being rendered on the screen. Perfect example for that would be a falling skyscraper in Battlefield 4!

If you want to enjoy every game at MAX settings without having to worry about frame-rates, you have to invest in your gaming-rig and buy a high-end graphics card almost every year, but that’s about to change.

Microsoft intends to use cloud servers for much of the heavy processing work while leaving the environments rendering to the machines, making it easy to create experiences on average machines, which would otherwise be impossible.

Up until this point, Microsoft has only debated how cloud can help Xbox One when it comes to rendering graphics but today, they finally showed what they meant by ‘Power of the Cloud’.

In a comparison shown during the live presentation at Build 2014, Microsoft’s John Shewchuk showed how cloud can succeed where even the high-end PCs fail.

Do note that it’s a demo running on high-end PC (Not Xbox One) with ideal bandwidth connectivity, which is a questionable aspect. Although the test was performed under ideal conditions, it is pretty clear what are the possibilities for gaming development in general and especially for Xbox One.

Microsoft’s cloud technology can boost Xbox One graphics and help the console stay relevant against its competitors years to come as we move towards greater accessibility of the Internet throughout the World.

So far, Titanfall and Forza 5 are probably the only examples of video games on Xbox One that have used cloud in some form. It would be interesting to see how the developers use the technology moving forward.

Thanks: ArekkzG Gaming