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Call of Duty: Ghosts Latest Update is 2GB! Adds Loadout Generator with Random Option

Call of Duty: Ghosts latest update was released to the Xbox versions of the game along with the second DLC of the game i.e. Devastation.

The patch in question weighs a hefty 2GB and while heating up the ‘crazy’ in the first person shooter, it brings a choice of loadout types. Among these is one that lets you ‘randomize your loadout,’ this one comes with a tagline that reads: “are you crazy enough?”

The new loadout types that the Call of Duty: Ghosts latest update adds to the game were shared by WePlayCOD on Twitter. Their tweet was accompanied by a screen grab from within the game where the player is being asked to select loadout type from a list of four options. Here it is:

Moreover, the Teeth System as they call it received another screenshot on Reddit where the loadout generator screen is being shown. You can see how by spending ‘teeth,’ the player can customize the loadout themselves.

call of duty ghosts loadout generator

As far as the Teeth are concerned, they are supposedly earned by playing and killing in the Extinction mode and then spent on the customization. The minimum price of the upgrades (which are passive in nature) starts at five teeth.

We shall keep you informed about all the other areas that the patch touches, in the meanwhile, have you experienced any changes after the Call of Duty: Ghosts latest update?