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Amazon Game Studios Adds Portal and Far Cry 2 Devs to the Plethora of Veterans They Have

Amazon has recently unveiled their Android based micro-console that they are marketing as set top box like Apple TV as opposed to a competitor against the gaming consoles.

Though it is called Amazon Fire TV, the device has a long list of games that people would love to try out.

Moreover, the Amazon Game Studios is planning an exclusive title for it already. For that precise reason, it seems, they are hiring almost every known developer they can get their hands on.

It was recently revealed that they have hired Portal developer Kim Swift and Far Cry 2 director Clint Hocking.

Both of them are top notch designers that according to their LinkedIn profiles, would be working as senior designers on whatever Amazon has up its sleeve.

One of the projects that they might be working on could be Sev Zero, the first exclusive title that is being made for Amazon’s micro-console.

These two are just the latest drop in the list of hiring that Amazon Game Studios has undertaken.

Previously, they acquired Double Helix and currently have these confirmed developers on their panel, all coming from Wizards of the Coast:

  • Gregory Marques (Designer) who has worked previously on Magic: The Gathering
  • Kyle Murray who is now working as Amazon Game Studios’ marketing lead
  • Chris Galvin who is the senior product manager at Amazon Game Studios
  • Bill Dugan who is now the Executive Producer at Amazon Game Studios, he has previously worked on Magic: The Gathering and Wasteland
  • Eric Nylund who has worked on Halo novels is now working as Director of Narrative Design

Wonder what Amazon Game Studios is planning with such a long list of known developers?