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Xbox One Game Teased by Japanese Developer – SHINASUTIMIKIRA Project

Just a few days ago Phil Spencer of Microsoft teased that a Japanese studio is developing an Xbox One exclusive and it will be announced really soon.

This mysterious Xbox One exclusive could be a Shinasutimikira Project which is a new Xbox One title announced by Makoto Asada. This announcement was made by developer 5pb and project is being handled by the developers of Phantom Breaker Franchise “MAGES”.

As you can see on the website, there is a logo that reads DIV8 while a skull is sitting on top of two guns. It seems like that it will be a Sci-fi shooter of some kind.

Makoto Asada the main man behind the project left Cave Studio last year and after his departure, he gave a statement to Siliconera:

When I was going to quit Cave, about 10 companies contacted me to see if I was interested in joining them. Out of [those companies], MAGES had the best deal. Our president offered me the opportunity to explore and really do something interesting.

The site is just showing the logo and the name of the project. Currently, there are no further details available on what Shinasutimikira Project is going to be. We will keep you posted as more information on the matter is revealed.

What do you think Asada has in store for us? Give your theories about this Xbox One Exclusive from a Japanese Studio in the comments below!

Source: OXM