Watch Dogs PC: New Video Shows Wind, Water and Light Technology – It’s Satisfying

The release of Ubisoft’s latest open world adventure is less than two months away now, and it has already got us up on our knees owing to its graphical fidelity. One of the major areas that the developer can boast off while talking about the game’s astounding visuals is the weather and lighting effects. Let’s check them out in the new Watch Dogs PC video.

The four minute long video actually came out from a German website so it is in German. However, it showcases the technology used in Watch Dogs to create the wind, water and light effects – German or English; you can clearly see the technology at works in the game.

Watch Dogs new trailer at first shows off the city at large with all the shiny skyscrapers and then goes on to show an area of the city beside something that looks like a pond where a lot of people are strolling about. Then there is a night scene from a rainy weather, you can see NPCs have their umbrellas out.

Moving on, there is a scene that shows changes occurring to a single place over the day. You see the wind ruffling leaves at a different pace, the water from the lake moving about just as the density of people increases in daytime and decreases at night.

Check out the Watch Dogs new trailer yourself and tell us what you think of it.

Source: PC Games Hardware via EvilGamerJ