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Tropico 5 PC Slated for May 23 Release by Kalypso Media

Kalypso has announced that their City Building Simulator Tropico 5 will be releasing for PC on 23rd of May, worldwide.

The Mac and Xbox 360 versions of the game are scheduled to release sometime this summer. Moreover, Tropico 5 for the PlayStation 4 will release this fall.

Tropico 5 is being developed by Haemimont Games and for the first time in the series, the players will have the option of playing co-operatively and competitively.

Up to four players can join up in the game, then they will have the choice of either working together on a same island or against each other where everyone will try to outdo each other.

Furthermore, a lot of the features like trading mechanics, technology and exploration are refitted. There will be an addition of three ERAs in the game, which will start from 19th Century up to the 21st.

During these Eras, players will have to survive and complete multiple challenges. All of the eras will have their own unique buildings and research that will match the time frame.

A new feature called Dynasty has been added to the game which will allow the players to appoint the relatives of El Presidento on the key positions on the Island.

Are you going to get Tropico 5 on your PC on May 23rd? Tell us in your comments below!