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The Long Dark Gets First In-Game Screenshots

After a few months of silence, indie project The Long Dark has unveiled its first in-game screenshots. There are just two shots to drool over, but it does give a look at both indoor and outdoor environments.

Both shots are made up of a paper craft style, with bright colors being softened with more shadowed textures. Lighting additionally has an effect as to how contrasted a model is.

For the outside environment, there is a lot of sunlight painting the horizon in a setting of angular pine trees and tons of snow. A lone cabin stands midst this area.

On the inside, we get to see how a cabin might look like. It’s quite dark, with only sunbeams and a fireplace providing a light source. It does look ever so cozy though.

During their moments of silence, developers at Hinterland Games have been working on the time cycle that will affect the survival game. Moreover, they’ve been enriching the project with dynamic weather, a condition system that tracks health and so on.

There is even detail put into having clothing react realistically to the situation, depending on its type, windblocking capability and whether it can provide warmth when wet.

Apparently, The Long Dark has quite the challenge rating. In their update, the developers claim:

We can proudly say that it’s possible to lose yourself inside the survival sandbox of The Long Dark for hours at a time. The team has an internal survival challenge to survive 5 days. So far, nobody has made it.

There will be more updates, such as gameplay videos, coming shortly.