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Racing Game Krautscape Flies Over To Steam Early Access

Publisher Majesco’s indie label, Midnight City, announced the release of racing title Krautscape on Steam’s Early Access program. It’s available now for $7.99 or a less attractive €7.99 for people unfortunate enough to live in Europe.

It’s hard to really innovate on a racing game, but Krautscape does so pretty well and that by applying a gorgeous paper craft style too. Its surreal, linear environments are like living in a modern painting, but also driving flying cars in it.

In Krautscape, the finish line can be attained in more ways than just trying to outrace the first position. Players trying to catch up can veer off the course at any time and fly to take shortcuts and bypass an entire strip of road.

In turn, the first spot dictates where the race is going by building sections of the track as it’s laid out before them. This makes for a frantic strategy of creating tracks others can’t suddenly jump over.

Right now, there are three game modes that come with the Early Access build of Krautscape. The Snake mode tears down the track behind the last player, making everyone race on a moving piece of road.

Ping Pong bounces players back and forth to the ends of a track. Finally, Collector has an additional goal of collecting floating cubes, by building an appropriate road towards them.

Mutiplayer supports up to four players and that both online as locally through splitscreen.

Since Krautscape is in Early Access on Steam, its price is temporary. Upon launch, it will revert to $9.99.