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Pokemon X & Y Distribution Event will Get you Magmar and Electabuzz for Free

If you are a long running fan of the Pokemon games, you must have played Pokemon Red & Blue; two of the Pokemon that originally featured in that game are now coming to the latest game in the series though Pokemon X & Y Distribution Event. The two Pokemon in question are Magmar and Electabuzz.

As announced on the official website of the game, the Pokemon X & Y distribution event is being held in collaboration between the Pokemon Company and GAME; you can visit one of the selected GAME retailers and claim your Pokemon for free:

“Head to participating GAME retailers to get a serial code that will allow you to receive either Magmar or Electabuzz in your Pokémon X or Pokémon Y game. Pokémon X players can get the Fire-type Pokémon Magmar when they enter their codes, while Pokémon Y players will receive the Electric-type Pokémon Electabuzz. Both of these Pokémon are holding the item necessary to make them evolve (the Magmarizer for Magmar, and the Electirizer for Electabuzz). Trade them while they are holding these items to watch their Evolution take place!”

The offer will be live starting from April 4 and the freebies can be claimed as long as the stocks last. Once you have the serial code, you will have until September 30 to claim your Pokemon.

The official announcement post of the Pokemon X & Y distribution event has a list of retailers where you can get Magmar or Electabuzz, you may visit and find out the one closest to you.