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Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14 Bugs to be Fixed with Update 15, Details Inside

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14 was released last week; as expected it came with tons of changes to the game and as expected, the new changes brought forth new bugs too.

For a while now, it seems like a convention for Mojang to release updates complementing each other. For example, they would release an update and follow it up by another that fixes the bugs created by it. Minecraft Xbox 360 update 15 will do the same for the previous update.

Along with adding new features to the game, the Minecraft Xbox 360 update 14 gave rise to at least two dozens of new bugs in the game. On the other hand, the developer tweeted yesterday that there were at around 15 bugs that they wanted to get rid of ‘quickly,’ they also have a list of all the known bugs on the game’s forum.

Here’s the rundown on all the known Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14 bugs that have been identified so far (thanks Total Xbox for the compilation). We hope that the developer will get rid of them as soon as possible:

  • Block Disappearing Bug (This bug occurs when the player digs straight down and holds the Right Trigger – The bug will also occur if the user has host privileged enabled (With “Can Fly” checked) and is flying in Survival.)
  • Players take incorrect fall damage
  • Splitscreen player can’t hear sounds when they have moved away from the Host
  • Chunks are loading slowly for the host
  • Microphone audio breaks up with 4+ Players
  • Maps are not working correctly when the game is loaded (Take time to update)
  • Lack of Wolves/Chicken in maps
  • Audio not playing correctly/out of sync
  • Blocks don’t always display how much damage they are taking
  • No Ender Dragon sounds
  • Creative menu has no prompt for scrolling down.
  • The Map in creative mode moves back to the inventory from Slot 1 when opening the inventory // Slot 1 Moves back to the inventory.
  • Zombies don’t drop Carrots and Potatoes.
  • Noteblock sounds are incorrect (Noticeable in Chords)
  • Xbox Chatpad does not function correctly in the Anvil interface
  • Emerald Ore description wrongly states it can be smelted to produce Emeralds
  • Fence gate is placed at an incorrect height when connected to Cobblestone walls
  • Mining animation is off slightly
  • Mining/Placing blocks is quiet..
  • Slabs place incorrectly on Stairs.
  • Entities/Players get removed from Minecarts when reloading a save.
  • When riding a pig (Saddle and carrot on a stick) the pig will jump when navigating over a half slab
  • Pig Head glitches while riding a Pig with a carrot and stick

Are there any other Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14 bugs that we have missed out? Do let us know so that we can add them to the list.