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League of Legends: Twitch is Next in Line For a Visual Update

The next League of Legends to receive a visual update is Twitch, the Plague Rat. As opposed to looking like a crudely made hunched doll, the new Twitch is going to offer “horrified onlookers a first glimpse at contemporary pestilence.”

Twitch is one of the oldest champions in the game and is in dire need of a visual uplifting. According to the official post, Riot Games the project was a challenging one since most of Twitch’s model is hidden beneath his huge cloak. The newer version features a new skeleton with added joints for better animations and a model with higher resolution textures. He pretty much has been made from scratch.

“We’re adding some ground-breaking features in here byrigging the lower half of his body (imagine that!),” reads the announcement, “and showcasing his character through flavorful animations that flow through his entire body, including his tail.”

As for his abilities, Twitch is getting new sound effects and new poison particles. His invisibility effects are getting revamped as well to ensure players know when exactly they have gone invisible. Expunge has been given a range indicator, as well as new particles. Spray and Pray has gotten new effects to show better who is being hit by the ability.

Twitch will be made available on the PBE soon and Riot will be looking for feedback.

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