iOS Game Hellraid: The Escape Clarifies It’s Not A Joke

Yesterday, Hellraid: The Escape was announced at a rather inopportune time, as the iOS spinoff fell to April Fools’ Day with its odd concept. This puzzle title will live inside the world of developer Techland’s main release, but without any head-on combat.

It was probably a poor idea to have a trailer announce it where the protagonist throws an eye around to solve a puzzle, but that’s one of the mechanisms. To clarify, Andrzej Koloska of Shortbreak Studios, the house making the mobile title, stated:

I was interested in Hellraid since Techland started its production.

After some time, I realized it was a perfect framework not only for a gory action game, but also for a puzzle-packed adventure with elements of classic dungeon crawling.

Further on in the explanation, it’s revealed that Hellraid: The Escape is now no longer a solo project and even gets supported by Techland people. At first, the Dead Island studio had their doubts about the puzzle game, but once they played it, they started coming up with their own ideas for it.

Hellraid: The Escape will tie in fully to its base game, as the stories are being made to match the overall universe. Andrzej Koloska further elaborates:

We’re building a single coherent universe, which can be explored in different ways on different platforms.

Aside from high production values for its visuals, made with the Unreal Engine 3, the iOS release will also try to provide ample content. The developer further commented on this:

No riddle uses the same mechanic, so players will discover something new around every corner.

Hellraid: The Escape will release on the AppStore on May 15, 2014 for $2.99 or €2.49. Free updates are planned beyond its launch.