Here’s How The Witcher 3 Developers Create an April Fools’ Prank

You might think that we have had our fair share of April Fools’ Pranks this year; what with Blizzard’s intricately designed announcements and the underhanded attempts of Frostbite at ridiculing Wii U.

However, there is just one small bit that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Amongst all the hype that The Witcher 3 is generating, CD Projekt RED could help but pitch in with a piece of their own.

We stumbled upon a video on YouTube that was shared through the CDPRED channel. It shows the animators attempting a motion capture scene. There is a guy with a sword who is trying to perform an act that has to be captured and animated later on for the game.

He starts with some basic attacks that Geralt might be performing in The Witcher 3 and fails at delivering exactly what the guy in charge needs; but that’s a part of the job right, so he keeps trying again.

While he is at it, the developer keeps asking him to add more intensity and aggression to the act. The actor gets frustrated and since he is performing Geralt, what do expect from him? A massive burst of Igni.

Although it was just an April Fools’ Prank by Thwe Witcher 3 developers, watch it yourself – it’s fun.