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Guild Wars 2: Mega Servers Will Be Implemented With April Feature Pack

ArenaNet is going to roll out ‘Mega Servers’ with the April 15 Feature Pack update for Guild Wars 2; which is going to make it “easier to play with friends on every PvE map regardless of home world.”

Every MMO faces one major issues and that is having your friends being scattered across different realms. The implementation of Mega Servers will correct that by placing players with their friends in the same map. This doesn’t necessarily mean that ArenaNet is going to be merging worlds. Instead the system will be assigning players to a ‘version’ of the said map.

According to the developer, the system will “take your party, guild, language, home world, and other factors into account to match you to a version of the map you’re entering.” This will essentially increase the odds of you coming across the same people, and who have similar interests.

“There are as many copies of a map as are needed to comfortably hold the population of players in that map at a given time. Rather than having a separate map copy for each home world and artificially limiting the amount of fellow adventurers you see, the Mega Server system brings players together and dynamically opens up new map copies as necessary.”

Mega Servers is also a terrific way to increase the population for PvE on the map. Players playing from a specific region during non-peak hours will be able to play in populated zones. One thing though, the new system will still be restricted to NA and EU regions. Meaning that players from one region will not be able to come across those from the other region.

Once the April 2014 Feature Pack launches, the new server system will be activated on level 1–15 maps, main cities, and the PvP lobby. ArenaNet will give more details in the coming days.

You can head to the source to read more on the new system.

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