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List of Free GTA Online Updates Detailed; New Game Modes Incoming

Today Rockstar Games revealed a list of free updates that are heading for GTA Online in the coming weeks. The updates will be released during Spring and include tweaks, enhancements and addition of new game modes to the game’s online mode.

The new game modes include Heists, a feature fans have been requesting for a long time. It allows players to form a crew or hook up with random players and then take on co-op Heist missions.

Another new mode is the Capture Creator which allows players to make their own Capture Job missions with access to variables such as location, weapons and pick ups.

Rockstar will also review these player-created missions and promote well-made ones. Another update dubbed The High Life Update will allow players to own multiple high-end apartments and garages.

It will also include new wardrobe items, new exotic vehicles like the Pegassi Zentorno and Dewbauchee Massacro, a new motorcycle called Dinka Thrust and a powerful new rifle called Bullpup Rifle.

A new player statistic, Mental State, will be added to the game which allows players to see which player in the session is “Passive” or “Psychologically Unhinged.”

The developer’s road map of future title updates include the following:

  • A Non-Contact Option for Races wikk allow the player to disable Player-Player collision in racing, making the rival cars appear transparent in races. The option disables collision against other players but not against normal traffic and structures in the game.
  • Players can call Lester and have him keep the cops’ attention off them for a short period of time, whilst they commit crimes or activities that otherwise result in Cops chasing the player.
  • Players will be awarded bonus RP for leaving feedback on Jobs be it positive or negative feedback.
  • Completing missions like Deathmatch, LTS Jobs, Parachuting and Races will yield bigger payouts when there are less than 4 participating players.
  • Players who used illegitimate ways to gain large amounts of RP will have their RPs reduced as penalty for cheating, this reduction will not effect normal players.

Rockstar has yet to reveal the release date of the Spring Update. They also stated that more additions to GTA Online and GTA V will be released later this year.

Some of the additions include holiday themed updates and a story mode DLC.