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Gearbox Software’s Next-Gen Title Will be Announced Later This Year

The developer behind one of the most popular franchises Borderlands is working on the next-gen project which will be announced pretty soon.

Recently, Gearbox Software got done with the DLC expansion of Borderlands 2 and the fans were wondering what the studio has in store for us next? Apparently, the CEO of the Company Randy Pitchford has an answer to that.

On his official twitter account, the CEO was asked “When are we going to see an Xbox One game from Gearbox?”

In response to this question Pitchford Tweeted:

However, Gearbox Software did confirm a while back that they are not working on Borderlands 3. It is very likely that the next game will be a sequel or remake of Homeworld, which was acquired by the studio from THQ upon their bankruptcy.

Gearbox has set a pretty high standard for themselves after two incredible Borderlands games. Whatever they come up with next, they will have to fill in some huge shoes.

There are a lot of different options available for the studio, they can go in any direction they want. The statement from the CEO has set the stage for an announcement. We just hope that whatever they are brewing inside their studio can live up to the expectations of the fans.

What do you think Gearbox Software next project will be? Do you want another Borderlands game or a new IP? Sound off in the comments below!