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EA Apologizes for Frostbite 3 Wii U April Fools’ Prank

If you were keen on finding out what were the best and worst April Fools’ Pranks yesterday, you would have certainly come across Frostbite’s tasteless attempts.

Yesterday, the official Twitter profile of Frostbite Engine made posts claiming that the engine now runs on Wii U since it is the most powerful fourth gen platform. They went on to say that Half Life 3 that will come out in summer this year will be Wii U exclusive and get powered by Frostbite.

April Fools’ Pranks are supposed to be funny instead of mocking and no matter what you do; it would be plain wrong if you start making underhanded jokes. This was realized by EA itself and the tweets were deleted there and then.

However, by the time they were deleted, couple of hundred people had shared them and so eventually, Peter Moore the head of EA has had to come up with an official apology.

Looks like someone in the social media team of Frostbite is in deep trouble.

People who own Wii U are already disappointed that EA doesn’t support the platform and to top that up, these jokes sounded like they were ridiculing the console.

We know that EA and Nintendo are not very cozy with each other but the jokes in question were recognized by the former as a below the belt. After all, this is not a world where you make enemies.

Do you think it was a wise decision by Peter Moore to come up and apologize for the Frostbite Wii U April Fools’ Prank? Or should the tweets have been regarded as fun alone.