Age of Mythology: Extended Edition Releases in May

Previous rumors have now been confirmed. There is indeed an HD version of Age of Mythology in the works and it will release via Steam this May.

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition is going to boast updated visuals, a totally revamped global lighting, improved water, an overhauled rendering engine and day night cycles. The game will furthermore have support for Steamworks, Twitch and an enhanced observer mode. Finally the developers will be throwing in Steam achievements and trading cards.

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition will include both the first title and the followup – Age of Mythology: The Titans. Pre-orders will open up by next week.

Age of Mythology was first released for the PC back in 2002 by Microsoft Game Studios. Developer Ensemble Studios probably made the only epic title that dwells in the myths and legends of the Greeks, Egyptians and Norse.

Players choose a faction in the real-time strategy game and similar to Age of Empires, build up their civilization. Fabled characters from each history can be summoned by players as the game progresses. In The Titans expansion, Titans were added as a new unit. They take an insanely long time to summon but can wreck the entire map when done so. The expansion also added a new faction of Atlanteans.

Age of Mythology was commercially successful, going platinum four months after its release after selling over one million units.

Source GameSpot