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Xbox One Usage has Been Boosted by Twitch App

Since Twitch was released on Xbox One, the console has seen an increase in usage. Microsoft detailed the positive effects that the app has had on their latest console through a post on the Xbox Wire.

They have claimed that the Xbox One users are spending at least five hours on apps, games, TV and more. Now, the console’s usage has further increased thanks to the Twitch App.

As of now, 23 million minutes of Twitch broadcasts have been recorded by the company since the app was launched. Among these are 2.7 million minutes that were broadcast on the launch day, i.e. March 10 to 11.

In total, at least 108,000 users have tried to use the app on Xbox One, which was around 22 percent of total Twitch users at that time.

Emmett Shear, the founder and CEO of Twitch expressed his surprise and glee at the overwhelming demand of Twitch through Xbox One in the following words:

We have always considered enabling live streaming directly from consoles to be a key step in unlocking the ability for all gamers to share their experiences.

Yet we never imagined the popularity would spread as fast as it has.

Microsoft has really helped drive this expansion, and the great system architecture of Xbox One has allowed us to build a really great broadcasting experience with a robust feature set. We’re all very excited about working with Microsoft to continue rolling out new features on the platform.

Have you been using Twitch on Xbox One?