Wii U Update Makes Minor Changes to System Stability

Recently, Nintendo has released a new Wii U update titled system update version 4.1.0 U. It is a small patch that will tweak the playability and usability features of the console as well as general stability.

The patch notes for the Wii U Update in question are just one sentence long and don’t say much about the areas that have been touched with it. It appears to be one of the many general updates that Nintendo is known to release. The only fixes that it makes are ‘general stability’ improvements.

Here’s the only path note provided:

Improvements to system stability and usability: Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

In fact, this is exactly the same patch note that was given out by Nintendo last month when Wii U Update 4.0.3 was released.

Previously, the Wii U Update 4.0.0 was released to add a couple of new features to the console like outputting video and sound to Wii U GamePad, automatic receiving of recommended software, USB Keyboard support and support for Dolby Pro Logic 2.

There came in addition to numerous changes to the Wii U Menu, the System Settings, Wii U Chat and the Internet Browser.

You may read up about the latest and the previous Wii U Update by visiting the official website of Nintendo here.