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Watch Dogs: PC Specs and Console Resolution not Final Yet

In the past couple of days, Watch Dogs creative director at Ubisoft, Jonathan Morin has been pretty vocal about the game’s features.

In fact, he has been answering queries on his Twitter so frequently that keeping track of them would be like catching the raindrops one at a time. In the past day he shed more light on Watch Dogs gameplay details – among other things.

First off, he was asked what the resolution was going to be for PS4 and Xbox One, his reply was that the resolution had not been finalized for either one of them – I wonder why. He also made a note that the PS4 version was very stable, I am wondering if the Xbox One version is.

Thereon, he was inquired whether a 4GB RAM would be enough to run Watch Dogs PC version properly. He shied away from this question as well, saying that the PC specs had not been finalized yet.

As far as the potential of the PlayStation 4 is concerned, he said that although they try to push the limits a lot, it was only the beginning of this generation of consoles and that the coming years would bring a lot more ‘fun.’

Morin chose not to reveal the size of Watch Dogs world map; neither did he agree to compare it with any other games when asked to. He simply stated that it was big but ‘scale for scale’ was pointless and that the density/depth of the game should be more important than that.

You must already know that in Watch Dogs, you can enter the world of another player and try to win over their money by hacking them. Someone wondered if this invasion would be timed. Here’s how the creative director detailed the issue:



Are there any other Watch Dogs gameplay details that we might have missed? Do let us know in the comments below.