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The Elder Scrolls Online Werewolf Guide – How To Become

If you have played Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim then you must remember a group of warriors in Dragonsreach known as Companions. The secret of these warriors is that they were able to transform into werewolves at will.

And this is exactly what I will be talking about in this guide. For more help on The Elder Scrolls Online, read our How To Become Vampire, Emotes List and Mounts Guide.

The Elder Scrolls Online Werewolf

In Elder Scrolls Online, becoming a werewolf has its own advantages, disadvantages, skills, and abilities. So if you’re planning on becoming a werewolf, here’s how:

How to Become a Werewolf

In order to unlock the werewolf ability, you need to contract the Sanies Lupines disease from another werewolf or an infected individual.

Once you have found an infected individual, get to a ritual site and get bitten.

After you get bitten, you will see Sanies Lupines icon in your Active Effects Menu, which will trigger the Hircine’s Gift side-quest. You must complete this side-quest in order to become a werewolf or get cured of your disease.

Now, I know that finding people who would help you out with this can be a difficult task, therefore; I would advise you to encounter the monster (werewolf) itself. Lastly, note that while having Vampirism, you cannot become a werewolf. The choice is yours to make.

Werewolf Skills and Abilities

Once you have completed the Hircine’s Gift, you will gain access to many of the werewolf skills and abilities. You can always check the World Skills Tab for more information about each skill.

You should also note that many of the werewolf skills require you to carry out the transformation which requires ton of Ultimate Energy. Another thing to keep in mind is that you will lose all abilities from other skill lines.

Active Skills
Active Skills require activating them for a cost (Stamina). Once you carry out the werewolf transformation, your character automatically gains extra stamina, armor, strength, and running speed.

Player leaps to target, dealing Physical Damage and stunning off-balance targets

Damage = [13 / 13 / 13 / 14]

Unleashes a beastly roar causing fear, disorientation and off balance to enemies within 6m. Affects up to 3 nearby enemies

Ferocious Roar leaves the nearby enemies off-balance while the Rousing Roar increases the weapon power of nearby allies.

Passive Abilities
Contrary to Active Abilities, these abilities remain activating all the time without any Stamina Cost.

Increases Stamina.

Blood Rage
Taking damage can generate up to 2 Ultimate. Your character must be in human form to get this.

Devour on human corpses to earn more time as werewolf.

Savage Strength
Increases Stamina with kills

It will provide you with the ability to bite another ally for werewolf venom.

Call of the Pack
Allies will be able to stay in werewolf form for longer durations.

Innate Abilities
Now that we have talked about Active and Passive Skills, it’s time to discuss Innate Abilities which are common to all werewolves and don’t require players to spend in any skill points.

Increase movement speed by 30%

Defend damage by 50% and have slow movement speed

Off-balance enemies and deal damage

Light Attack
Deal 4 Physical Damage to your enemies

Heavy Attack
Deal much more damage than the Light Attacks

Why Consider Becoming Werewolf?

Like I have been aforementioned, perks of being a werewolf involves increased Attack Speed, Stamina, Armor, and Speed. These abilities put your character on an insane advantage and can further be improved using Morphed Transformation.

When we talk about disadvantages of being a werewolf, the Fighters’ Guild tops the list. These fierce fighters are well-trained against abomination of nature, which includes werewolves. So you will have to keep that in mind.

Furthermore, werewolves are prone to poison attacks and whether your character is in human form or in werewolf form, the poison will have drastic effects. I would conclude this section by stating that it solely depends on a player, whether he would like to stick with a werewolf or not.

It’s all about your playstyle and which abilities you prefer in a PvP space. Before leveling up, reconsider whether you would like to be dependent upon Magic or Stamina and enhanced perks. In the end, it’s all up to you!

Found anything missing or have any questions? Let us know in the comments below!