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The Elder Scrolls Online Fishing Guide – How To, Skills, Gathering Bait and Social

The world of Tamriel is not only about battling other players and controlling abominations of nature to gain an advantage over your adversaries. It is also about kicking back and relaxing yourself in the soothing sunlight and spring waters.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Fishing

The Elder Scrolls Online throws in several opportunities your way to enhance your experience in the Elder Scrolls Online. One of the many ways is fishing. Catching fish has its very own advantages, and you will often find yourself visiting vendors for some of them.

You can not only eat raw fish, but you can also make them a part of your cooking recipes, and use them to craft alchemy potions for various purposes. In addition to these, you can also sell fish for a bit of extra coins.

Fishing Skills

Like I have mentioned above, fishing comes in really handy during your journey through Elder Scrolls Online. With practice, you will increase your fishing skills, which will enable you to acquire Special Fishing Poles and come across rare fish of great value.

Not only this, but you will also be able to catch fish a lot quicker than an average fishermen.

These rare fish can be found in the lore and in other books and can be caught right from the start (if you’re lucky). The game also throws in the Meta Fishing Achievement towards you, which involves catching 12 rare fish in the main zones.

Fishing Zones

Fishing Pole Racks indicate that a fishing spot is in the nearby vicinity, and you can start your quest for rare fish. Throughout the world of Tamriel, you can fish at any dockyard and fishing spot.

All in all, anywhere where you can find a bit of water to sustain some life can be your fishing spot. Just keep out an eye for any kind of movement in water.

The game also sends you on quests that involve catching rare fish and you will also come to know about areas where you can catch rare fish in lore and books.

Fishing Baits

The first thing you need before your head out to fish is fishing bait. Without it, you cannot hope to catch a single fish. These can be bought from various merchants, but since gold is rare, we have provided you with a workaround.

For your bait, you can kill small animals and insects like mouse, spiders, and butterflies. Once you have done that, you can make your own bait using the creatures’ inner-system.

While we are talking about baits, you must know that you can use crawlers to fish in foul waters, insect baits for fishing in rivers, chub baits for fishing in oceans, and inner-organs of insects to fish in lakes. There is an in-game book which will tell you which type of bait is more suitable for which types of fish.

Lastly, baits can also be gathered from plants. Just look for purple flowers in the grass and jute them for your bait. However, remember to use worms as fishing baits and raw jute for other purposes.

Getting Started

Once you have come across an ideal fishing spot and with suitable bait, you can start fishing to your heart’s content. In order to start, all you need to do is hover your mouse cursor over the splashing area in the water and your Fishing Pole will appear.

After a small animation, a wheel will pop-up displaying the available baits in your inventory, which can be used at that particular place. This saves you a lot of time by automatically presenting a list of acceptable bait materials.

After selecting the suitable bait, you’ll be ready to throw it inside the water and catch some fish. Get your bait inside and as soon as you feel some kind of jerk on your fishing line indicating that you have successfully caught a fish. To restart, select your bait again and redo the whole process.

Social Fishing

The Elder Scrolls Online has added feature, which allows you to fish alongside your friends and increase your chances of catching a rare fish and common fish. In addition to this, you can also initiate or join a Fishing Guild and fish alongside other players in your guild.

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