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The Elder Scrolls Online Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks For Starters

If you are just starting your adventure in the Elder Scrolls Online, then read up on our guide to successfully level up and stay on top of the opposition at all time. The game is supposed to be long, so don’t you worry about being lagged behind. You can catch up to all the players in very little time, read our tips and guides to always have an edge in the game.

When you start the game, stay on the starter island.

Explore the area and complete multiple quests there. I know it is tempting to go out in the world and discover the whole world of Cyrodil, but it won’t be of any use if you go without gaining any experience.

To gain some easy experience just visit the public dungeons, so many players will be there to assist each other that it will be over before you know and on top of that, you will get experience.

Next thing you should do is join the Mages and Fighters Guild. Upon completing their quests, you will receive more persuasion and intimidate, which will come in handy later in the game.

Best way to get access to amazing loot is to go down in the dungeons. They are crafted beautifully and will always keep you interested.

The enchanted weapons will do more damage than a regular one. Enchant your weapons on the first chance you get. The enchantments let you add some effect to your weapon, which will make your weapon more powerful.

If you are an RPG fan, then you must know that, to get more quests, items, dungeons and all the other interesting things in the game, you’ll have to explore. To explore you will need a horse which can be summoned by pressing ‘H’. You can also level up your horse by feeding them, which will enhance their stats. After 50 days of feeding the stats will max out.

Apart from joining the Mages and Fighters Guild, feel free to join up with more. Each Guild will provide you with banks and stores, which are really helpful in the game. Most of the time they will hand you very amazing stuff for absolutely free. You can join up to five guilds at one time.

Focus on one class, don’t try to be everything early in the game. Once you have mastered one class then you switch to other and then another. There is no limit, you can become everything but just take a little time.

Whenever you see a Red text that means you have to make a choice, for example, save one village or another. Your decisions will have a lasting impact, and once it’s made, it cannot be changed.

Don’t spend too many points in crafting. Everything can be crafted by players of any level.

The skill points are not just gained when you level up. You can also have them by doing quests, skyshards and PvP. Research everything! All the workstations you find across Cyrodil will provide research options.

Don’t underestimate NPCs, sometimes they will have more information than you might think. Lockpicks are very necessary! Always keep a bunch of them with you while exploring. You never know where you might need one.

Collect as many Skyshards as you can as they will provide most of the skill points in the game. For more help on The Elder Scrolls Online, read our Fishing, Lockpicking and Character Emotes Guide.