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Sega Officially Splits Index Corporation Into Atlus and Index

As reported earlier this year, Sega has now officially split up its Index Corporation into two portions; where one will focus on developing games while the other will manage the business side of things.

The first division is the revamped Sega: Atlus which comes with a re-touched logo. Atlus is known for its work with role-playing titles like Persona and Catherine. It’s acquisition by Sega had consumers fearing of the worst but Atlus was quick to downplay any such thoughts. The second division is Index, which will handle the company’s advertising and business operations.

Former Sega managing director Yukio Sugino will be leading Atlus, while former Index executive vice president Yasuhiko Hamada will take hold of the reigns of the respective wing.

In a post on the new Atlus site, the company thanked its customers and assured them the company will continue to have the flexibility and freedom to continue to be the Atlus everyone knows and loves.

Sega never officially revealed what it paid to acquire Atlus and Index Holdings. Reports of last year said that the publisher had paid a total of 14 billion yen for the two companies.