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Wake Up Call: Alpha Screenshots of First Unreal Engine 4 Game Emerge

Wake Up Call is an upcoming next-gen stealth-action sci-fi first-person shooter that’s relatively the first game to use Unreal Engine 4. Today it’s creative director Millan Sing shared some screenshots from the alpha version of the game, which you can go through below.

The screenshots are of the alpha build of an in-engine test level created to focus on the core mechanics of the game.

Developed by the newly formed indie game studio Dark Synergy, Wake Up Call tells the story of Kyle Rogers an ex-special forces soldier caught in a post apocalyptic world after waking up from a hundred and fifty years of cryosleep.

The world is plunged into chaos by the Kalders and a guerrilla group called The Scarred, Kyle has to solve the mysteries of the massive underground cryostation and the chaos caused by the warring factions.

The game is set to be a single player experience only and will focus on a story and replay value with choices that have a major impact on the mission or even the whole story.

NPCs will provide the backs-story of the game, as well as effect the story of the game based on the choices the player makes.

The developers tout that the game will need to be played at least 4 times to experience every mission in the game. Their objective is to provide a story that lasts 20+ hours in a single play through and takes 50 hours to complete every possible choice and gameplay style.

Wake Up Call is in development for the PC and as of yet has no release date. The developers though have shown interest in releasing the sci-fi stealth shooter on as many platforms as possible.