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Latest Xbox 360 Update Adds Video Rental Transfers Alongside Backend Changes

Amongst all the April Fools’ Pranks and the seemingly never ending stories about the latest generation of consoles and their future prospects, let us not forget the good old last gen that has been with us like a loyal friend. Microsoft has released a new Xbox 360 Update to take care of certain backend issues along with adding a new feature to the console.

Although most of the changes are behind the stage, one feature might interest you. Now you can rent a film from Xbox Video on your Xbox 360 and then enjoy it on another platform that you own. You could watch the video on your phone or laptop per se.

The news was announced by Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson who took the time out to inform us on Twitter about the upcoming Xbox 360 update as well as the key feature that it will be adding.

In one tweet he announced that there will be mostly backend stuff and in the other he talked about the rental feature. Here are the two tweets:

In parallel news, Xbox One is also going to get a new update one of these days that will fix a couple of blu-ray issues along with adding more functionality to the dashboard.