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How To Increase Inventory Space in The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Games are known for their huge universe, exploration and especially amazing loots. When you have put in multiple hours into the game, you will realize that you are running out of inventory space rather quickly. However, we have written a guide for you to manage your inventory proficiently.

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One way of keeping the inventory is by Gold. As soon as you reach your first town, go to the marketplace where you will come across several merchants. Head to the bag merchant and he will increase your 10 inventory slots for just 400 Gold.

To get 10 more slots, you will need 2000 Gold and the maximum numbers of slots are 110.

There is also an option to keeping your things in the bank. Total of 60 items can be placed in the bank, and all the users of that bank will be able to use those items.

Horses are another way of keeping your inventory intact. You can increase the inventory capacity for your horse by putting points towards it.

The best way to go about the space is focusing on what you already have and what you exactly need. All the raw items are completely useless and have no sale value, instead of just dropping them try and cook something out of them, so that you’ll receive a commendable reward.

Knowing more recipes is the key. The more you are aware of the ingredients required for the items, easier it will be to manage all the stuff.

There is a skill that let you craft six items from one ingredient. If you are really into the crafting, then you must attain that skill. Not only it will help you in keeping your inventory empty, but it’s also a good source for earning.

There are so many players in the game, and if you have items that you don’t need, feel free to share it with someone else.

Players with higher attributes in crafting can create a better product and if you both are friends, then it will work out best for you. His skills can be put to good use to create an incredibly powerful weapon or a potion.