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Infamous: Second Son Update Will Make it Screenshot Friendly

Infamous Second Son will be getting a few mini updates in two weeks time.

In a new post on the PlayStation Blog, Sucker Punch Co-Founder Brian Fleming thanked the gamers for their enthusiasm for the PS4 exclusive. He furthermore revealed that the game would soon be getting three new features in regular updates:

Change time of day
After finishing the game, the option to change the time of the day will be unlocked in the options menu. Giving the players the ability to plunge Seattle in an eternal night to enjoy the gorgeous particle effects of the game.

Turn HUD on or off
Next Gen Graphics, Highly Detailed City of Seattle and the ability to share screenshots via the PS4 ‘share’ button. The HUD on/off feature will be added especially keeping in mind the fans who like taking screenshots of the game.

30FPS Cap Feature
So far, this one feature doesn’t make much sense.

Some people have complained about slight frame drops during large fights, it’s confusing as to what Sucker Punch is thinking of by adding a frame cap to a game everyone wants to play with the default frame rate.

Keep in mind this announcement comes on April 1st so it is likely one or all of the features are fake (Hint: 30fps cap)