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How Phil Spencer Being Head of Xbox Will Shape Xbox Division and Industry’s Reaction

The guy who looks at gaming as “a first class citizen inside this company [Microsoft]” was selected as the Head of Xbox by Satya Nadella yesterday. This means a lot of things, and a lot of people are counting on Phil Spencer for this to mean so.

Just as the news broke out that Phil has been chosen to lead the recombined sub-divisions of Xbox under a single, Xbox Division; everyone has poured in their notes of congratulations.

Along with that has come a clear hope that he will be the harbinger of a phase at the company that has gaming at the helm of the ship.

Here are some of the reactions that came in from the notable names in the industry:

Phil Harrison the corporate vice president at Microsoft:

“Congratulations now this is official! Great news for #Xbox fans…and for the entire team at Microsoft.”

Peter Moore the chief operation officer at Electronic Arts:

“Congratulations to Phil Spencer @XboxP3. Right man for the job – great to see games taking front and center. I can say I knew you when… :)”

Rob Davis, senior designer at Sony Santa Monica:

“Terrific news about @XboxP3 , perfect choice.”

There is a seriously long list of people who have pitched in with their expressions, and these are only a couple out of them.

So what does Phil Spencer bring to the Xbox Division? For one, he has been the head of Microsoft Studios, which means he is the one guy that knows more about gaming and game development than whoever could have been contending for the position.

It is always great to have someone who knows what an executive job like heading a division at Microsoft is, but it is more important to have someone who comes up from the roots of it, i.e. gaming itself. He is a long-time gamer, and everyone knows it.

The fact that Phil will actually having a gaming focused strategy was reiterated in a recent interview that he gave to Kotaku.

In his own words “When you make a decision to bring the head of studios to a position like this, you’re going to get a gaming-led platform.” Yes, sir, that’s just what we want.

What is this more important? Because when Xbox One was revealed (and ever since then), their focus has been divided due to the non gaming elements, for instance, TV, Music and more. The selection of Phil Spencer as Head of Xbox has a message in it, and it is calling out for gamers towards them.

As far as the entertainment elements are concerned, he believes that they “are important, but those can’t come at a cost for what we do for the core gamer.”

There are other things that you should expect from him, he has stated that they will make sure that the company is “completely focused on that gaming customer, that core gaming fan.”

This was one of the first statements that he has given regarding his future plans for the Xbox Division – you do the math now.

We see him as an expected catalyst that would want to change things in favor of the gamer, instead of the company – and we hope that he will deliver.