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Don’t Worry About Star Citizen Being Sold Like Oculus Rift, Assures Chris Roberts

Ever since the Kickstarter backed Oculus Rift was acquired by Facebook, other backers have started worrying about the projects that they have helped fund. One of the prime examples would be Star Citizen, the hugely popular space based title.

However, Chris Roberts assures you that is not going to be the fate of his project.

In a letter posted on the Robert Space Industries website, the game director initially explained the procedural generation plans that the $41 million marker has confirmed.

There on, he explained how a myriad of posts were coming in from people who were worried about the game being sold like Oculus Rift. You don’t need to worry about that, he said:

We have no plans nor [sic] interest in following this path! We don’t need to go to anyone with deep pockets to make OUR dream a reality. To mass-produce hardware like the Rift, you need an outlay of hundreds of millions of dollars. Luckily our ships are digital so we have hardly any cost of goods, just the cost of developing the universe of Star Citizen and running servers that Star Citizen’s universe will be simulated on. Thanks to the generosity of the Star Citizen community we have these two things covered.

Another reason given by him was that he was personally having so much fun while creating the universe of his dreams and that there was a reason why he is making the game independently.

Chris Roberts really sounds like a person who is driven by ambition and passionate about the project, I think his word on the matter should suffice against all the fear that fans of Star Citizen have in their minds.