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Complete List of The Elder Scrolls Online Chat and Group Commands

In Elders Scrolls Online, you will be communicating a lot with other players and to do that just press ‘enter’. There are different ways to communicate with other players and all of them are listed below!

When you use the command /Say, it sends the message to all the players in vicinity. Similarly when you write /Party, it sends message to players of your party. /Zone sends message to everyone in the zone.

/Tell sends a message to the player especially pointed by you. /Guild 1 or /g1 will send the message to the first guild you joined. For multiple guilds, just remember the order and communicate with them.

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Inviting other players to join the Party
To form a party in ESO:

Press “Enter” and type /Invite and press enter again. The other players will know immediately. If someone is nearby, you can just approach them and press ‘F’ to interact with them.

Group System of The Elder Scrolls Online
Group tool is really helpful tool to find the players to join.

To gain access to it just press ‘O’, then in the social menu click “Group”. After that, select tools in the top right and just find the suitable content that you want to be a part of and the players will be shown.

Once in a group, use the Wayshire Network or Travel to Player for joining up with them.

Adding Friends
You can add friend and always know when and where they are playing. To add a friend just press ‘O’, go to contacts and press ‘E’ to get an Add Friend option. Just write their ID and send message to send request.

Forming a Guild
Guilds can enable number of players to stay together and have their own private chat to reap the benefits. To create a guild press “O”, select Guilds and press E to form a guild. You will have the option of inviting multiple players into your guild via Roster option in the guild menu.

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