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Bethesda Fully Agrees With Subscription Fee For The Elder Scrolls Online

With every MMO taking the free-to-play and microtransaction route, players all around were disappointed when The Elder Scroll Online announced a subscription model. Bethesda however, held their ground whenever they were asked about the decision.

Speaking to Games.On, Bethesda’s VP of Marketing and PR Pete Hines explained the company’s faith in their decision:

What’s going to determine whether or not it succeeds or fails is not really tied to what anyone else has done, it’s tied to ‘do we make a strong enough argument for the value that you get for your fifteen dollars?’.

If we’re providing the kind of content people want to see where they’re like ‘This is awesome, I’m having a blast, this new stuff is totally worth it and I’m having fun’, then the subscription totally works.

If we’re putting out stuff that doesn’t make a case for it then we have a problem on our hands and we have failed to meet that value proposition.

He further explained that the subscription fee is “the right for the right reasons.” He referred to the popularity of Skyrim and said that players can play the free month trial of the game and not subscribe after the trial month has ended.

You can buy it, play the hell out of it for four weeks and go ‘Eh! I’m done.

I did everything I wanted to do, I did a bunch of single-player stuff, I did a bunch of PVP, and now I’m out.’ Then you’re out. The subscription is irrelevant.

The initial purchase is exactly the same as any other PC game because you don’t have to pay for the subscription until your 30 days is up.

The thing to note here is that Skyrim had a special sort of magic whereas The Elder Scrolls Online is lacking in that department. At least that’s what I’ve personally come across from friends who had taken part in the beta.

Still The Elder Scrolls Online had a very popular Beta Test and attracted a large crowd. It is set to launch on April 4 with a 15$ per month subscription model.