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Battlefield 4 May See the Return of Squads Feature

Battlefield 4 might be re-introduced to one of the popular features from Battlefield 3 called ‘Squads’. Although EA made a statement last year that they don’t have any plans of bringing the ‘squads’ to the next game but new information on MP1st suggests otherwise.

One of the Reddit user, named xSty86 has taken a couple of screenshots from his game on PlayStation 3, which shows Squads option in Beta in the main multiplayer menu of the game. Both the screenshots can be seen below:

battlefield 4

battlefield 4

The written language in the pictures is in German but the people who have played the game could guess rather easily what is written. First Picture shows the main menu for multiplayer and shows four options.

  • Quick Match
  • Squad Access (Beta)
  • Server-Browser
  • Test Range

The second image shows Squad Access Lobby in which you can see two options are given:

  • New Squad
  • No squad with friends available

Create a squad so your friends can join you to play together.

The Squad feature is very helpful for the players who like to play with their friends most of the time. It gives players the option to team up with their friends before the match so that you join the game at the same time as one squad.

Previously, DICE made Platoon feature available in Battlefield 4 for everyone and this Squads rumor could also prove to be true because it is quite popular feature among the fans of the franchise.

So are you contented with the Platoon feature in BF4? Or you want the Squad feature back?