The Top April Fools’ Day Pranks by Videogame Companies for 2014

Every year game companies eagerly participate in April Fools, trying hard to fool their fans and winning every time. This year is nothing different and following are the pranks that have been played during the day.

World of Warplanes unveiled a 4 day event which allows the players to man UFOs in the Flight Combat MMO.

Starting on April 1 until April 4 at 2am (PT), the German Kampfflugplatte Sleipnir UFO a Tier 5 ‘plane’ will be available for free to the players. Players who use the UFO during the event will also be awarded two special medals made for the ship; the “Sleipnir Rider” and “Wrath of Odin” medal(s).

Wargaming announced “World of Tanks: The Crayfish” a ‘survival tank slasher’ created by Wargaming Seattle which is available to play via browser: April 1st Game!

Bungie announced the “Get your Ass to Mars” Collectors Edition of Destiny for a measly $7,000,000.00 which will also earn the player a one way trip to mars.

The Collectors Edition also comes with the choice of changing race via ‘highly experimental metamorphosis featuring cutting-edge skin dye treatments, voice modulation, cybernetic implants, and more’ along with the training necessary to survive the interplanetary travel.

Blizzard is well known for their April Fools pranks, along with releasing a Flappy Bird clone of their own dubbed Happy Reaper, the chuckle-worthy patch notes of World of Warcraft along with the plans to redesign the Female Draenei model and the renaming of Starcraft Legacy of Void to Herald of the Stars.

The new “official” page is an image macro with a link to job openings embedded in it. Fans have linked the Acronym Herald of the Stars with Heroes of the Storm (HoTS). Though it’s not clear if the game will release alongside the Free to Play or come bundled with it.

Guild Wars 2 has received a BobbleHead Mode, increasing the size and modifying the physics of the heads of all characters making them look like moving bobbleheads.

Bioware Store added two new items available for purchase; a Garrus Vakarian Body Pillow that is said to be made of ‘Memory Foam’ that “Quickly Calibrates to your Body for Unmatched Support” and a Varric Chest Toupee.

Razer released a very clever Ad for “Eidolon” the world’s first wearable drone system that allows the user to view themselves from a 3rd Person Perspective thanks to the combination of Cyber-Augmenting Lenses and UAV tech.

It’s not April Fools without Half Life 3 in it; A Sweden based Electronics retailer announced a “Nordic Day One Half Life 3 bundle” priced at 4,489 Krona, around 700$.

Riot Games unveiled a new mode for League of Legends called ‘Ultra Rapid Fire Mode’ which adds game-breaking features like: No Mana/Energy Cost, 80% Reduction on all abilities/spells/items, increased attack speed for ranged champions as well as reduced stun efficacy.

The mode will be available for a week and will become a permanent part of League of Legends in the next Season.

Frostbite tweeted they had “fixed and optimized our ‘netcode’ [using] quantum entanglement for Zero Latency connections,” along with promising the release of Battlefield 4 and Half Life 3 on the Wii U. Frostbite has long deleted the tasteless tweets, but not before each tweet was shared by 260+ people.

Codemasters’ blog site announced Grid: Railroad which will feature:

  • 1,337 miles of racing track
  • Point to Point racing evolved
  • Demolition shunting mode
  • Truerail handling
  • Customisable wagons
  • Full RailNet support
  • LivePoints system
  • Station Master
  • Dedicated in-train view
  • Waiting room spectate mode
  • Use your Oyster Card to purchase additional content

Sega’s Japanese site unveiled “SEGA MEGAne” Drive (Megane is Japanese for Glasses) which has two mini Mega Drives attached at the front and can be worn like Virtual Reality Glasses.

Square Enix’s Japanese website is featuring a browser based 16-bit version of Thief combined with Final Fantasy’s (SNES Version) gameplay. The game has only 2 options; “Steal” and “Run Away” and has the player stealing a Playstation 3 and Final Fantasy items.

The Google Map app for the iOS and Android has a Poke Ball logo added under the search bar. Pressing it shows the location of a Pokemon on the map, mostly at a well known landmark, and then clicking on the Pokemon catches it.

There are a total of 150 Pokemon to catch, not counting the duplicates.

Nester, the comic book protagonist appearing in the Nintendo Power Magazine was listed on Super Smash Bros’ official site lookalike page as a newcomer to the title for the Wii U and 3DS. Though the site isn’t part of the official Smash Bros. and Nintendo hasnt acknowledge the joke.

Creators of the popular SteamWorld Dig, Image and Form, announced they will be changing the game into a Real World Mining Simulator. Rusty the Robot will be replaced with Malcom Mcsurly who will try his might to avoid “Black Lung”, slack off, hang out with friends in the pub and argue with his wife, bathing and nagging about work.

Phil Fish, the infamous creator of Fez, tweeted his return to the gaming community and that development on Fez 2 has been started.

ThinkGeek, distributors of all things Geek, announced a pair of ‘Portal’ Shirts. Fit with an LCD Display, two wireless 5.8Ghz video cameras; anything placed infront of either shirt will be projected on the lcd display of the other shirt.

ThinkGeek assures that GLaDOS will give a ‘coupon for free cake’ upon purchasing the shirts.

S2 Games, makers of Heroes of Newerth, released a announcement video of their new mobile game “Flappy Bastion” a Flappy Bird clone in which players control Bastion, a hero from S2 Games’ upcoming MOBA Strife

Sony announced a line of energy snacks in a press release. Dubbed Sony Power Food, the line included Cereal, Cake Mix, and Protein Energy Bars.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch developers Young Horses uploaded a video on YouTube announcing the addition of Multiplayer to Octodad: Dadliest Catch on April 1st 2015.