Not A Joke, Zombies On A Plane Is A Game That Exists

Developer Shangri-la Game Studios released Zombies on a Plane over the weekend. It’s currently available at a 30% discount for a few days, before it resets to a price of €6.99.

This game exists beyond the realm of reason. It’s an aircraft piloting simulation, but with tons of corpses hanging from all its ends.

While thirty thousand feet in the air, captains must steer their metal behemoth to shake off the horde of undead on their vehicle. In doing so, it’s essential that zombies are prohibited from shuffling to vital parts like engines and so on.

Failing to navigate the dead from parts will damage the plane and ultimately bring it down.

Ok, we’re going to start poking holes in some of the logic here. First off, if there’s a zombie apocalypse, why is there still a functional charter flight or even a society?

Maybe it’s day zero and the outbreak just got out, but if that’s the case, why does the plane look like it’s been through a rough apocalypse already? We’d like a word with that agency.

Also, why not just fly upside down the whole time, since that seems to be doable? Isn’t there an extremely limited amount of people that could be boarding that plane?

Kidding aside, Zombies on a Plane actually looks entertaining; in no small part due to its excellent visuals. Plane models are pretty detailed, with reflective qualities and added fire effects.

Moreover, the weather system really adds to the chaotic atmosphere. It’s obvious that the game is using the Unreal Development Kit, but since these tools are mostly proficient in environment work, bypassing characters in Zombies on a Plane works considerably in its favor.

And yes, we’re all thinking of the exact same reference right now.