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Star Citizen Passes $41 Million in Pledges, Entire Planet Creation Being Added

Did you expect Star Citizen to go as far as this? The game’s crowdfunding recently accomplished the $41 million stretch goal! Now you will get Procedural Generation that will make it possible to create whole planets for exploration and more. Cloud Imperium is currently setting up a team dedicated for the development of the technology as we speak.

When the game passed the $40 million marker, the new stretch goal for $41 million was announced with the following description:

“Procedural Generation R&D Team – This stretch goal will allocate funding for Cloud Imperium to develop procedural generation technology for future iterations of Star Citizen. Advanced procedural generation will be necessary for creating entire planets worth of exploration and development content. A special strike team of procedural generation-oriented developers will be assembled to make this technology a reality.”

Expect this to be a part of the game now, although I won’t bet on the features being available upon the game’s launch.

The next stretch goal for $42 million is currently on its way and as of this moment, there are 3825 slots available. In total, $41,007,988 have been raised in funds and when the target is achieved, it will guarantee an expansion of the website area of the Galactapedia, addition of an explorer class mobiGlas Rig, the Aegis Dynamics Gladius-class light fighter and a Towel for your hangar – for real.

Would you like to read up on the next stretch goals for Star Citizen in detail? Head to the Robert Space Industries website right now.