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Square Enix Finally Recognizes Western Demand of JRPGs

Square Enix President and CEO Yosuke Matsuda has revealed some interesting information in a recent interview regarding upcoming tiles for this year, as well as about the growing interest in JRPGs shown by the western circles.

Speaking with Japanese website Nikkei Trendy, Matsuda-san called upcoming titles Final Fantasy Agito and Seiken Densetsu: Rise of MANA as a good start for 2014. He also confirmed recent rumors that Square Enix is indeed working on a new Tomb Raider and that information on that, as well as Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, will be given at E3 2014.

Normally we would be a bit disappointed to know that Square Enix is being tight lipped about their games, but seeing that E3 2014 is just a couple of months away, we can definitely wait it out.

Most interestingly though, Matsuda-san confessed that it has taken the company this long to realize that there is a strong demand of good Japanese RPGs in the western market. He took Bravely Default as an example, quoting its strong Japanese RPG elements and that even though it was made for the Japanese market, it actually sold very well worldwide.

He mentioned that in the past, console games developers had been trying to focus on a global audience and ultimately ended up missing out on breaking through the Japanese public, as well as missing their worldwide target. Hence, in the future developers should be focusing on powerful and rich stories that carry strong JRPG elements. Doing so can help them achieve good results.

As for Square Enix itself, Matsuda-san admitted that it may have been too focused on globalizing its target, losing focus on who they were making games for. This will be corrected and he took the new Hitman title as an example that is being developed based on what they have learned from Hitman: Absolution.

Square Enix recognizing the western demand of JRPGs only means good news for us in the shape of more titles in the future.

Source Nikkei Trendy