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Shelter 2 Features Lynx Cubs On PC In Fall Of 2014

Indie studio Might and Delight has announced Shelter 2 for PC, which will be coming to Steam, GOG and other digital platforms in fall of 2014. This wilderness simulation is a sequel to their badger counterpart of before.

In Shelter 2, however, gameplay changes from badger to a lynx, which is some sort of big cat creature. Moreover, its design will be much broader in a few ways.

First off, visuals will receive an update from their original simplistic shapes and pastel colors. While models and environments will remain angular, like paper craft shapes, textures will be more illustrative in Shelter 2.

On the gameplay end, the lynx will be able to do much more than just run and eat. There’s an entire life cycle present, from birthing to nurturing.

During early levels, you’ll be tasked with making a nest for your offspring, while later on you’ll be looking for prey to pounce on.

Dynamics for Shelter 2 will contain jumping, use of stamina, finding potable water and so on. When cubs run into danger, it’s possible to call them closer.

Andrew Westin of Might and Delight stated:

Shelter 2 [is] closer to realism, and oddly enough more gamey at the same time. To simply roam the world finding prey to hunt is thrilling in itself. That´s something  we wanted to bring in to Shelter before, and it’s fantastic to see it come to life now.