Minecraft PS3 Edition Update 14 Adds Uncharted, Killzone

After a rocky period earlier this year, Minecraft PS3 Edition has received its update 14, which comes with a bunch of new content. A Playstation blog post details the arrival of Emeralds, Ender Chests and Zombie Villagers, for starters.

Cauldrons will now fill up in the rain and swatting at pigs drops more pork chops than ever. Additionally, wolf collars can receive a little color.

Together with the update, Minecraft PS3 Edition gets a series of downloadable content (DLC) skins and other textures. Its skin packs will allow Sony fans to see the world through the eyes of classic characters.

There are figures included for Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Heavy Rain people, the menacing Killzone characters and the more colorful Sly Cooper cast. In another skin pack, there are koalas, a Cloepatra double, cavemen and an octopus. We’re not entirely sure how it fits together.

For the world itself, Minecraft PS3 Edition receives two items, The City Texture Pack and The Plastic Texture Pack. They do exactly what their name suggests and should probably hold up well with some of those items in the skin packs.

Hopefully, the update will bring an end to functionality issues that affected Minecraft PS3 Edition throughout the holiday period. Some of its community was being hindered by some nasty save bugs.

There are no details yet whether the other Playstation versions, for PS4 and PS Vita, will have cross-buy for the DLC or other functionalities