Riot is Trying to Reduce League of Legends Team Builder Queue Timings, How?

League of Legends Team Builder was launched couple of days ago allowing players to choose the role, lane and champion of their choice in random matches. However, the queue timings for certain players are far too long and one of the reasons for this is that there are a lot of players who want to play Captain.

Jeffery Lin, the lead social systems designer for Riot Games posted to the League of Legends forums to announce an ‘experiment’ that they are going to hold. He said that since at least five percent of the players were having to wait for longer than 10 minutes, they are going to do something about redicing the wait:

“We’ve been closely monitoring the system and are currently seeing that there are too many Captains, and not enough Solo players available. Although about 95% of players are having queue times of 5-10 minutes or less (even doing unorthodox or creative comps!), this means that 5% of players are having unacceptable queue times.

In light of this data, we’re going to try an experiment in Team Builder. Starting today, players have to invite at least 1 friend to their group to become a Captain. This should greatly improve the Captain-to-Solo ratio, and reduce queue times overall in Team Builder.”

Along with this, he said that they are currently working on a feature that will allow Solo players to see a list of the teams that are currently looking to fill up on the roles with them.

Do you think that asking people to invite a person for being a Captain would reduce the queue timings in League of Legends Team Builder?