Could Half Life 3 Look Like This Fan Made Cinematic Trailer? We are Desperate

It has been seven years since a full length Half Life game was released except for Half Life 2 Episode 1 and Half Life 2 Episode 2. Although Valve is silent as ever, the fans are waiting eagerly and literally trying everything that they can. For instance, this newly surfaced Half Life 3 cinematic trailer that was made by fans.

Running for a little over two minutes, the trailer gives us something that we would actually wish Half Life 3 to look like. I won’t deny that it looks more akin to a movie than a game, but there’s no denying that Deviant Pictures have done justice to the anticipation of the prodigal shooter series.

The description of the Half Life 3 cinematic trailer builds a situation where Gordon and Alex are caught up in a snowstorm; it doesn’t give a reason why:

“Exhausted and frozen, Gordon and Alyx are looking for shelter from a snowstorm.”

On the other hand, Gabe Newell of Valve has been shying away from all questions relating to the series sequel. Recently he was asked in a Reddit AMA to shed some light on the game and their plans for it. Breaking the rules of Reddit AMAs he chose not to answer the questions deliberately although most of the other questions were answered.

Check out the trailer above and tell us would you like Half Life 3 to look like this?