Goat Simulator Not Out Yet, Multiplayer Already Coming

Without even being officially released, Goat Simulator is already successful enough to have an entire mod community working on its flaws. In a recent post on its dedicated subreddit, there is already someone revealing work on a multiplayer component for the oddball title.

So far, development already was able to put in multiple goats and have players connect to a server. Now, they still need to make it work, but the game’s not even out yet, so maybe give it a few weeks.

Officially, Goat Simulator will release on April 1, 2014. Even its date is a tongue-in-cheek joke. It also released a spoof on Dead Island for its release trailer. There’s no stopping it.

Goat Simulator is a parody on, well, simulators probably. It originally was put out into the world as a result of a game jam that quickly patches small projects together.

Developer Coffee Stain Studios won’t work on a multiplayer version of Goat Simulator themselves. On the game’s site, it states:

We are using NVIDIA PhysX and Apex for our in-game physics, which gives us amazing and realistic physics, but it would synchronise terribly in multiplayer. If we were to add multiplayer, we would have to rewrite most of the game code from scratch.

They also mention that with the inclusion of Steam Workshop, the community can take over and implement whatever they’d like. It looks like multiplayer goat chaos is high on that list.

Previously, the developer worked on the beautiful first-person tower defense series, Sanctum.

One more day to get Goat Simulator before its actually out and you’ll need to share the spotlight with the common folk. You can order your copy through the site Humble widget for $9.99.

Update: A similar Steam thread reveals a little more info, such as the near completion of splitscreen functionality.