EA’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Demo Launching Tomorrow on PSN

Playstation US has announced that EA’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Demo will be releasing on Tuesday, April 1 with the weekly PS Store update. Another site claims that the Xbox 360 will be getting the demo either on April 1 or the day after. But with 15 days to the release of the full game, one has to wonder if this is a simple prank.

Fifa 2014 World Cup Brazil will launch exclusively on the PS3, Xbox 360 on April 15, featuring 203 national teams, 7,469 players, 19 officially licensed managers, and 21 new stadiums including all 12 venues hosting this summer’s World Cup matches.

EA said the game will offer “the deepest set of modes seen in a tournament title”.

Modes like:

  • Road to the FIFA World Cup
  • Road to Rio de Janeiro
  • Captain your Country
  • Story of Finals
  • 2014 Fifa World Cup
  • Story of Qualifying

When asked why the title won’t be releasing on the next gen consoles, an EA Spokesperson told CVG that the company’s goal was to make a game that can reach as many people as possible.

Despite the Xbox One and PS4 selling millions of units, it’s interesting to see how the developers prefer to make games for the last gen rather the new gen.