Blu-Ray Issue of Xbox One April Update Gets a Workaround, Fixes Coming Soon

People who were a part of the Xbox One April Update beta test program have underwent severe issues with the Blu-Ray drive recently.

Thankfully, Microsoft is on full throttle to take care of the problem that the preview created. For starters, they have posted a workaround for the issue over Reddit while announcing that they are going to roll out fixes after testing in a few days.

They recognized that there are three different Blu-Ray related issues, for each one of them, the development team is currently testing the fixes.

These fixes will go live along with the next update in a couple of days. This will be the same update that will roll out the fixes for issues identified in the Xbox One April Update preview.

The error in question here is 0x21:

Check your disc. Your disc may be dirty or damaged. Try cleaning it, or choose a different disc. (0x21)

Firstly, the error will be fixed by ejecting and re-inserting the disc. If not, you will have to press and hold the power button on the console for five seconds to completely reboot the system.

Other than this, the new workaround posted by the developers was as follows:

I have a temporary solution for the disc drive issue. Leave the current disc in the console after the console grabs the original disc back in. Wait 30 seconds, the disc drive will wake up and read the current disc once it does, swap out the discs. Works 100% of the time.

As far as the other errors are concerned, there is one that is codenamed (0x87de07d1). While you are playing the game, the disc stops working and the console asks you if you own the game and if you do, it asks you to insert a disc or sign in to Xbox Live, asking you in the end to buy the game.

This can be undone by doing a full console power down or signing out and changing the game before signing back in.

We hope that these workarounds help you guys with the Blu-Ray issues and that Microsoft rolls out the fixes to the problems caused by the Xbox One April Update preview.