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Batman: Arkham Origins’ Deformable Snow Technology Could be Used on Other Elements

When Batman: Arkham Origins was released, one of the most interesting aspects of the game on visuals side was the deformable snow. All over Gotham City the Batman and other characters would leave imprints on the floor wherever they went. How would you like it if the same technology was to be used in other games and on other elements like sand and mud?

That is exactly what we learnt from a talk held at the Game Developers Conference 2014. Colin Barré-Brisebois who is the lead rendering programmer at Warner Bros. Games Montreal held a panel at the conference on March 19, 2014 where he detailed how the Batman: Arkham Origins’ deformable snow technology worked.

At the same time when he explained that, he also highlighted to the possibilities that would be available if the technology was used on other areas of games. The technology uses organic rendering of the changes that will happen to the snow when a character stands, walks fights or falls over it.

During the presentation, all the details required to implement the technology were also discussed along with the collaboration that the developer had with NVIDIA for the use of Direct X11.

There is a long list of slides that were shown at the panel, you may see them here and learn everything about the technology.

As far as Colin Barré-Brisebois, he is an experienced programmer who has had experience with numerous titles including Battlefield 3, Need for Speed, Army of Two, Medal of Honor, Skate and Boogie.

How did you like the deformable snow technology used in Batman: Arkham Origins, did it add to the interaction between the player and the environment?