Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Level 70 Barbarian Builds Guide For Torment

Your ancients give you strength, your determination gives you toughness, and your stature is enough to send countless demons and reapers running out of fear. The Barbarian is ready to take on the terrorizing foes that await in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls’ hardest difficulty: Torment.

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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Level 70 Barbarian Builds

These builds are meant to be for those who have reached the new level cap of 70, or are going towards it and require a build to aim for.

All three of these builds have been tested with our Barbarian, which has shed the blood of countless demons and extinguished the darkened wings of reaping angels.

Build #1 – The Revengeful TankClick To View Build
This is the build I use personally for my Barbarian, and I find it to work fairly well in Torment. I play two one-handed weapons to utilize the speed of Frenzy and quickly generate enough Fury to spam Whirlwind.

This will, for the most part be your core rotation with this build. Not only will stacking Frenzy allow you to damage faster (further aided by two weapons), but the Maniac rune for the skill should up your Strength by a considerable amount.

Once the stacks reach 5 and your Fury is almost full, consider spending it with Whirlwind.

You’ll notice that in higher levels of Torment you’ll regularly require intense burst damage, which the regular attacks of the Barbarian cannot do. For this reason you have Overpower. This skill has been buffed in Patch 2 for Diablo III, and we’ll further empower it with fire damage thanks to the brilliant Revel rune.

Revenge is your go to skill when it is activate, and it can now stack.

Against normal enemies, I like to allow it to stack till 2 and then use it when my health drops a bit. Using this on a mob of 20 monsters will instantly restore all of your health, as the life-steal from Revenge is dependent on the number of monsters you hit.

When I started Reaper of Souls, I absolutely hated Avalanche when first unlocking it. True that it does a lot of damage, but you just can’t enjoy it with a 30 second long cool-down. Yes, the CD does reduce by spending Fury, but the reduction is so little for so much Fury that you can spend a full Fury pool and only cut down a mere few seconds.

However, as an initiator and evasive skill, Avalanche becomes very powerful with the final two runes.

The Tectonic Rift rune allows you to store three stacks of Avalanche, each stack being gain after 20 seconds. These stacks can then be used together or saved up, allowing you the option of using Avalanche three times without facing a CD timer.

However, I like to use Glacier – though the rune retains the 30 seconds CD, it gives you the ability to completely freeze your enemies, which is just wonderful against a pack of Elites surrounded by super-minions.

Elites are obviously more dangerous than bosses in the game, and even the beefiest Barbarian can fall victim to unforgiving Arcane beams, lava pools, and fire chains that come with them.

If you find yourself stuck in a situation where the screen is going red, just use the Glacier Avalanche and things will turn from sour to manageable. Plus, you’ll do a great deal of damage as well, and can maybe lay in a stacked set of activated Revenge hits to get your health back!

Gear Recommendation
A couple of Legendary two-handed swords/maces (to utilize the Weapon Master passive properly) with every other equipment adding to your Strength and Vitality. Don’t compromise on your Toughness and Healing, except for with weapons – make sure you have the best armor out there.

If you’re running a set like the Immortal King, you might want to skip the two-handed weapon if you wish to use this build. Beef up as much as you can – look towards around 300k + health and around 2 million + Toughness for this build. Also, make sure your healing is around the 15,000 + mark.

Build #2 – Summoner BarbarianClick To View Build
The Summoner Barbarian build is a bit tough to play, but can dish out heavy damage and get rid of Elites very quickly. If you’ve got your gear worked up well enough to protect you from normal foes, you will want to use this build to survive against Elite enemies.

The build itself doesn’t focus on attack speed as much as it does on maximizing damage. Bash with Pulverize can help you against mobs, but if you feel that hitting multiple enemies at once isn’t something you’re looking for, consider the Punish rune instead.

We’re going off from Whirlwinding and instead looking towards the DoT based Rend skill, whose damage is further amplified by the Lacerate Rune. This is a great skill to use against trash mobs for some heavy DoT area damage, and also comes in very hand against Elite packs and their super-minions.

The first thing to do is to generate enough Fury to activate the Battle Rage skill. The skill itself was sadly nerfed in the patch, but the Marauder’s Rage rune should bring it right back up to 15% increased damage. Once this skill is activate, it’s time to just use Rend and then keep your Fury to full limit.

This will allow the effect of Berserker Rage to kick in. 15% plus 25% equals a very impressive 40% increase in overall weapon damage with full Fury, and enemies below 30% health will take an additional 40% thanks to the Ruthless passive, making it  a whopping 80% increased damage.

Result? By using your Call of the Ancients and Wrath of the Berserker skills on Elites, you’ll be able to quickly bring them down to 30% and below health (notice the insane 3400% damage on the Berserker activation). This will allow you to then quickly progress to the 80% increased damage stack and take out the remaining health.

Of course, if you have a sweet Diamond embedded in your weapon(s), the Elites will further be kissing their own asses goodbye.

The Boon of Bul-Kathos should allow you to use CotA and WotB, as the CD reduction will ensure that it’s ready the next time you face an Elite. Tough as Nails should give you added protection, and Ignore Pain will further work in your defense’s favor, while also dealing some damage back to the enemies.

Gear Recommendation
If you have an Immortal King set, this build will work well with the two-handed weapon. In fact, just about every kind of weapon setup would suit this build – it’s actually the armor and defenses you need to look after.

Good health regeneration with this build is an absolute must, because once your health is down and you’ve used up your potion, you will need to rely on your regen to get back your health.

If you’re having trouble with slow regen, perhaps you should look to use War Cry with the Invigorate rune to help you in that regard. Swap Ignore Pain or Battle Rage for it if it’s becoming a necessity.

Build #3 – Singular Weapon BarbarianClick To View Build
This is a single-weapon build for the Barbarian. Since you’ll be using only one weapon, your attack speed will generally be slower, but you can make up for it with Bash generating the Fury and also doing some AoE damage.

Whirlwind will once again be your main spender, and with the Volcanic Eruption should deal good AoE damage.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that the Barbarian can be a little slow sometimes, especially when it comes to catching up with those ridiculous Treasure Imps. For that very reason, this build includes Sprint with extra boost from the Marathon rune.

Overpower will be your big-damage AoE and single-target skill for this build, and you’ll want to initiate Wrath of the Berserker when you encounter Elites or suddenly have a tough time. The Relentless passive should also play its part when you’re in a dire situation, while Boon of Bul-Kathos will ensure that WotB is available for almost every Elite pack you encounter.

Gear Recommendation
Apart from the Immmortal King set, the two-handed weapons in the game are easily overshadowed by the one-handed ones. Ideally, you want to use a single-handed weapon with a shield. The shield will grant you added protection and defense, while the single-hand weapon will give you decent speed and damage.

Since you’ll be using just one weapon, try to prioritize amulets and rings that boost your damage than the ones that would boost your healing or toughness. A good shield should give you ample amount of defenses – what you want is an amazing (preferably socketed) legendary weapon along with some Strength-boosting armor.