Watch Dogs Visuals and Immersion Discussed by Ubisoft’s Creative Director

The release of Ubisoft’s upcoming open world action adventure title is all the hype these days, but one thing that is being talked more about in the recent weeks is the Watch Dogs visuals. So the developers decided to go in depth and talk about it more openly.

Jonathan Morin, the creative director who is obviously responsible for Watch Dogs visuals is being pretty vocal about the levels of immersion that the game will provide as well as the way they are making the game as elegant as it is.

He made numerous tweets on his official Twitter profile where he also discussed how he believes that releasing the game when its ready is going to be better for everyone from the developers to the players.

Here are some of his tweets that we have put together so that you can get an idea of what he was talking about:

Because I’m getting bombarded by questions 🙂 Explosions are occurring in many different context. So tweaks are made on each cases. Its the same for time cycle and weather and AI. Watch Dogs is about dynamism.

We could freeze every state of every system and use bling-bling tricks on them. But that’s NOT WD 😉 Just like reality, sometimes the car[s] are less reflective, sometimes it is wet or it rain. some other times there’s no shadows like today in Mtl :).

Its making it harder on us (way more cases to handled). but in my mind its more beautiful this way as you play. More immersive and elegant. All this matters greatly if you want players to care about the world their in 🙂 Sorry for making you wait 🙂

More importantly, he was asked how the Hacks on other players’ games will benefit our character. He responded by saying that you will get or lose notoriety, which will in turn unlock different skills. There will also be a notoriety leaderboard.

You may head to Morin’s Twitter as he really seems very active there right now and is answering almost anything that he can relate to Watch Dogs visuals and more.